Denmark is growing as an international tourist destination and a gateway to business in the Europe.

For the globe-trotting international business person, doing business in foreign country offers certain intercultural challenges. Do I shake hands? What are taboos? Do they negotiate like me? Understanding a country’s business culture, protocol and etiquette is important in achieving success abroad. EastCC provides Start-up Business Meetings for Romanian Expats, and all other Expats with Introduction into Danish Society.


We make your business meetings successful

Our experts guide you the Business process in the Denmark. We offer important hints /introductory points to some of areas such as business culture and etiquette. It is not just intended to summarize all ‘doing business tips’ nor meant to stereotype. Rather, our solution highlights some important key areas for consideration when doing business in Denmark such as how to meet and greet, communicate and conduct business meeting. Expats moving to Denmark will find our solutions very beneficial and rewarding.

EastCC attends shall also attend your business meetings as the interpreter, and, upon your request, as the negotiator. Your business trip can be more fruitful and beneficial, when our expert accompanies you during your visit to the Denmark.

Having experience with the “Stat-up” process of helping an American Corporation with their product in Denmark, we are looking forward to share our knowledge with all other International Companies with are going/or thinking to start a business in Denmark.

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