At EastCC, we focus on the Individual Client/Student care. We can help our Clients/Students who are on different language levels, starting from basic to advanced Private Lessons. We understand that some of the clients have already been in Denmark for a while and have small understanding of Danish language. For such customers, we offer our “Advanced Language Programs” which help to learn and provision the language quickly. Our innovative approach to learning Danish ensures a rapid and effective progression in language skills as well as a focus on proper pronunciation, which the Danes can understand without any problems!


Individual Private Language Lessons

As a Private Student or Client, you will receive our personalized service. No matter how far you wish to progress with your Danish, our highly specialized tutors will guide you with you every step of the way. Your Private Language Lessons will be planned specifically to your needs and wishes. If you have a busy schedule, we are very flexible in our approach and will arrange your intensive lessons around your schedule.

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Please call us at +45 20881924  or email us at: for a quick quote.